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Poem for today by Pat Cammish

Arts Richmond

Online - 20 May 2020

Poem for today by Pat Cammish

Kitchen Interior or Life's Passing (as you will)

Slick surfaced granite,
pristine crystalline planes
the sunlight.

Chandelier prisms splay
on shells
in the limestone floor.

By the window
snapped stems
struggle to root 
in a tiny jug,
and a crispy fly reclines
legs pointing to the sun.

A collection of  slivers,
sea-worn shale
with negative holes
of  long dead worms.

On the shelf
A photograph 
Sunlit snow and 
Glowing youthful faces.

From blackened oak beam suspended,
a greying nosegay of sage,
a dusty bouquet of roses,
crinkled petals fading,

And in exotic turquoise dish,
the bananas are 
already turning brown.

Pat Cammish

March 2020

Kitchen Interior or Life's Passing (as you will)

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