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We aim to entertain, challenge, move and amaze with a bold and continually evolving mix of new and re-discovered plays in our unique in-the-round space. We want to change lives by telling remarkable stories from a wide variety of times and places, filtered through the singular imagination of our writers and the remarkable close-up presence of our actors.

A theatre of this scale, with the audience wrapped around the players, invites acting to be the centre of the experience. This is theatre as a figurative art: the human being literally at its centre. We want to experience voices and stories from our past and our present alongside visions of the future. Life as it's lived: unplugged and un-miked. Close-up magic. Truths the hand can touch.

Over its forty-five-year history the Orange Tree has had an exceptional track record in discovering writers and promoting their early work, as well as rediscovering artists from the past whose work had either been disregarded or forgotten.

In the last two years, the OT has been recognised for its work with seventeen major industry awards, including ten Offies (Off West End Awards), four UK Theatre Awards, the Alfred Fagon Audience Award and the Peter Brook Empty Space Award.

Since 2016 the Orange Tree’s work was seen in over 30 other towns and cities across the country.

The Orange Tree is a registered charity (no. 266128) and is generously supported by the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.


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