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Poetry Performance

POETRY PERFORMANCE returned to the upstairs room of the Adelaide pub for its monthly open mic sessions on 1st August 2021.  The evening is hosted by an MC, who manages the evening and introduces the poets, and an optional poetry theme is suggested for each month. A featured poet is usually invited to make a guest appearance and will be in discussion with the MC to talk about their work and to perform a short selection of their poems.

Performers must sign up in advance for a time slot.

Open mic zoom sessions will continue for those who find it difficult to make the journey to the Adelaide. These will be held on the third Friday of the month, every two months.  

 Should you wish to go on our mailing list please get in touch with Tricia Brown on triciajbrown70@gmail.com . She will send you a form to sign that grants PP permission to contact you directly with copies of our Newsletter and other information. 

Launch of 'Through the Keyhole', an anthology of poems compiled by The Luther Poets and published by Poetry Performance in memory of Bob Sheed. Luther Poets is PP's workshop and was founded by Bob as Luther Road Poets. It is now convened by Anne Warrington.  The anthology will be launched on Sunday 3rd October at the Adelaide pub from 6 - 8pm. 



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