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Poetry Performance

POETRY PERFORMANCE is still happening, not at our usual venue the Adelaide Pub, but through Zoom, a technical video form of communication. This  platform provides an ‘open mic’ virtual venue for amateurs and professionals who like to read and perform their poetry. The evening is hosted by an MC who will introduce the poets and an optional poetry theme is suggested for each month.  Performers must sign up in advance for a time slot. As before a featured poet is invited to make a guest appearance and will be in discussion with the host MC to talk about their work and to perform a short selection of their poems.

To reserve a spot please contact Heather Moulson on heathermoulson2@hotmail.com

 Should you wish to go on our mailing list please get in touch with Tricia Brown on triciajbrown70@gmail.com . She will send you a form to sign that grants PP permission to contact you directly with copies of our Newsletter and other information. Tricia is the wife of Bob Sheed, the poet who founded Poetry Performance with Anne Warrington.

Once the CoVid-19 crisis is over, we shall be returning to the Adelaide Pub though Zoom sessions will continue for those who find it difficult to make the journey to our home in Teddington. We are now attracting readers based in America and New Zealand, an exciting development. 

Luther Poets is PP's workshop.  It was founded by Bob Sheed and is now convened by Anne Warrington.  The group is in the process of compiling an Anthology in memory of Bob: 'Luther Poets: Through the Keyhole'. Watch out for more information about this Anthology.



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