A Print is for Life: Artist's Talk by Richard Peacock

4 Dec 2021
2:00 pm
One Paved Court

Printmaker Richard Peacock will be talking about his work in the gallery on Saturday 4 Dec at 2pm. Free event, just drop in. All welcome! 

Richard Peacock is an artist working with screen print and woodcut. His imagery combines elements of geometrical abstraction and pop art.

In his screen prints the image is constructed using the building blocks of colour, shape, rhythm and pattern. The negative space between the elements is often an important part of the composition.

The stencils for the screen prints come from a variety of sources. Sometimes Peacock uses basic geometric shapes, but often he uses pieces of packaging folded flat to form his stencils. He likes this element of recycling: using discarded cardboard to form the basis of an image seems appropriate in a throw-away world.

A key element of “handmade” work is that images are never perfect – there are imperfections and random elements in Peacock’s work and unexpected colours are sometimes discovered as the result of two or more layers of ink. This is something he embraces.

His woodcut prints also contain an element of recycling: he likes using weathered wood as the basis of this work. In particular, discarded builders cable drums rescued from skips form the basis of his circular woodcuts. When Peacock prints from these surfaces and the paper picks up scratches and scuffs, as well as the grain, as well as the new image, the history of the wood is exposed.



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