London Luminaries: Garrick's Temple - David Garrick: An Actor And His Time

21 Oct 2021
7:00 pm
Marble Hill House

Suitable For Everyone

David Garrick was regarded as the most iconic actor of the 18th century, and possibly the finest influence upon the English Theatre. In 1754, he purchased Hampton House (now Garrick’s Villa) which overlooks the river Thames. In the gardens he oversaw the design of a Temple built in the Classical style popularised by the Italian architect Palladio with an Ionic portico. This he dedicated to his muse Shakespeare, being the one playwright whose works he had performed with the greatest acclaim. Garrick used the Temple to house his extensive collection of books and Shakespearean relics. For him it was a place of peaceful solitude where he could write and entertain his many friends. It is also a complete replica of the temple standing in the grounds of Chiswick House, which Garrick would have seen often during his courtship to Eva Maria Veigel. Chiswick House being at one time the home of Lord and Lady Burlington, guardians to Eva Maria, and where the Garrick’s spent their wedding night. The main subject of my talk will be to focus on Garrick’s life at Hampton and that of the fruitfulness of his marriage and his relationships with many of those close to him, be it the formidable, Dr Johnson or the unpredictable Horace Walpole.

Clive Francis is a successful caricaturist, playwright, and actor, having performed with both the RSC and the National Theatre and with over twenty performances in the West End. His most recent film appearances being The Crown, Official Secrets and the Lost City of Z. He became involved in Garrick’s Temple to Shakespeare, whom he is now Chairman, back in 1998, when he helped raise the initial funding for its restoration and obtaining, thanks to the British Library, a replica of the statue to Shakespeare by Louis François Roubiliac. Garrick was extremely proud of his elegant house which he described, with typical understatement, as his ‘pretty place by ye Thames side.’

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