London Luminaries: Kew Palace- George III: The Mind Behind The Myth

20 Oct 2021
7:00 pm
Marble Hill House

Marble Hill House / Online

Suitable For Everyone

Last year marked 200 years since the death of King George III, the monarch most strongly associated with Kew Palace. It was in this (then rural) riverside retreat that the young George spent much of his childhood, learning the art of kingship under the tutelage of some of the most celebrated theologians, architects and musicians of the day. In adulthood, he supported the development of the botanic gardens we know today, and this peaceful country estate became a beloved summer home for his ever-expanding family. However, this idyllic retreat also has less happy associations. It was at Kew that George was treated for periods of mental and physical ill health, resulting in his life and achievements being almost entirely eclipsed by the story of his still poorly understood ‘madness’.

In 2021, Kew Palace staged an exhibition programme to re-explore the story of George’s mental health through a contemporary lens, finding fresh perspectives and surprising common ground with the experience of many people today. In this talk, Kew Palace Manager Rachel Mackay will separate the man from the myth, exploring objects and spaces within the Palace that reveal the humanity behind George’s story and look at how historic attitudes to mental ill health still shape our understanding today.

Rachel Mackay is the Manager of Historic Royal Palaces at Kew, which includes Kew Palace, Queen Charlotte’s Cottage, the Royal Kitchens and the Great Pagoda. These buildings are normally open to the public from April-September, and together, tell the story of intimate royal life at Kew in the 18th century. In 2018, Rachel led on the opening of the newly

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