Glasshopper plus Amalga

28 May 2021 - 28 May 2021
7:45 pm
Doors and bar open at 7pm
The Jazz Sanctuary

Our first show of 2021will feature:


Jonathan Chung - saxophone

James Kitchman – guitar

Corrie Dick – drums

To find out more about Glasshopper please visit


Inês Loubet - vocals and keys

Benedict Wood - Guitar

Jake Burgess - Saxophone and keys

To find out more about Amálga , please follow them on instagram

Glasshopper Genre provoking trio Glasshopper, is an exciting young group born out of a love for melody and improvisation. This unit of focused players explore melody and improvisation with complete reverence and abandon, intricately weaving together moments of sonic bliss and euphoric rock-outs. Always aspiring to search for fresh interpretations, the bass-less line up blurs the lines between the jazz, folk and rock realms. Seldom settling, always searching.

Amálga . Coming together through shared obsessions over African grooves, electronic music and Jazz, Inês Loubet, Benedict Wood and Jake Burgess bring their influences to fruition in Amálga. Originally forming as a Samba trio in 2015, Amálga soon started bending and twisting it’s musical landscape, reorienting towards the music of Björk, Nina Simone and Arthur Russell among others, culminating in original compositions and delicate arrangements at the centrepiece of their influences.”


Presented by The Jazz Sanctuary

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