Unexplained Mysteries and Cover-Ups by Andy Thomas

26 May 2021
2:30 pm

Andy regularly gives lectures to many organisations, both mainstream and ‘alternative’, on subjects including a variety of mystery and historical topics, as well as current events.

Today Andy Thomas explores some of the most famous global mysteries, finding intriguing linking threads between them. What is the truth about real-life ‘X Files’ – UFOs, ghosts, the Bermuda Triangle, strange creatures, religious apparitions, psychic phenomena and visions of the future? Why do some people insist that ‘the unexplained’ is actively covered-up, and what is the connection to shadowy secret elites and their fascination with ancient symbolism? Are we really told the truth about the world we live in, and if not why not? A lecture guaranteed to spark debate!

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Presented by University of the Third Age (U3A) Richmond

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