5 Mar 2021

This Week’s Recommendation: Tangerines

Title: Tangerines
Estonia/Georgia, 2015    
87 mins, language: Estonian/Russian/Georgian
Directed by Zaza Urushadz  

Tangerines was 774th film screened by RFS on 14th November 2017. It was the third ranked film of Season 55, with an audience rating of 92%.  

In 1992, Abkhazians are fighting to break free from Georgia. In an Estonian village, Ivo and Margus have stayed behind to harvest the tangerine crop. Two wounded men from opposite sides are left at Ivo’s door and he is forced to take them in. Both are in no fit state to fight, but that doesn’t stop them threatening each other to the death.

Ivo may be old and hospitable, but in his house it’s his rules and, since he saved them both, he wants unquestioned civility at all times. The soldiers agree and thus ensues a series of scenes that are as tense as they are entertaining.  Ivo knows that, once the both of them recover and
as soon as they leave his house, they will fight to the death.  Perhaps naively, he thinks that he can persuade these enemies to co-exist through his acts of kindness.

The film was critically acclaimed and short-listed for the Foreign Language Film Oscar.

Full film notes available in the Twickenham & Richmond Tribune - http://twickenhamtribune.com
Tangerines can be streamed from Amazon Prime and discs are available from Amazon and other retailers.

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