Pandora | Myths and Adventures From Ancient Greece

14 Jan 2021 - 30 Jan 2021
10:00 am

In this new series of tales from Ancient Greece, children will enter a miniature world full of exciting adventures, with the battered insect Hope as their guide. Hope journeys into the world of Ancient Greece to escape Pandora's Box, warn King Midas of his greed, seek Persephone in the Underworld and help Theseus to defeat the Minotaur. In this first tale, we discover why there is always Hope in the world. Written by Hannah Khalil Directed by Ian Nicholson Designed and Made by Sam Wilde, assisted by Alana Ashley Music by Jim Whitcher Performed by Peyvand Sadeghian Commissioned by and filmed at Watermans, West London’s arts centre.Youtubelink

Presented by Watermans Art Centre

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