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    • 22 June 2019 - 28 June 2019Drama/Dance/Musicals

      Wolf Hall & Bring up the Bodies

      Wolf Hall & Bring up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel, adapted for the stage by Mike Poulton.

      The year is 1527. King for almost 20 years, Henry has no male heir.  While Catherine is determined to remain Queen, Henry obsesses about replacing her with a wife who can give him a son.  In a highly dangerous and politically charged Court, this could be a golden opportunity for a man with the right talents.  Enter Thomas Cromwell...

      Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies - two stand-alone plays being performed on alternate nights.

      Teddington Theatre Club event

    • Swing Patrol Wimbledon


      Our classes run every Monday. There is a beginners class at 7:15pm and a Level 2 class from 8:45pm with social dancing in between, in the beautiful Hillside Hall taught by the wonderful Ieva and James.

      7:15-8:15pm: Level 1 – Beginner swing dance class

      Our beginners class always assumes no prior knowledge, so absolute beginners are welcome to join us any week. There’s no need to book in advance or bring a partner. Just arrive ready for some fun!

      8:15-8:30pm: Social dancing!

      8:30-9:30pm: Level 2 – Intermediate class

      When you start feeling confident in Level 1 – this is the class for you! You have probably been to your first social dance by now and will have made it all the way through at least one whole song. As well as looking at fancy moves there will be styling, variations and plenty of tips to help you lead, follow and really dance to the music. Ideally you will have done at least one 10 week beginner cycle and covered all the footwork patterns that we teach at Level 1 (Lindy hop with kicks or triple steps and 1930s Charleston).

      Taking more than one class on the same evening? Your second class is half price — just £5!


      Swing Patrol event

    • Swing Patrol Kingston- swing dance classes

      Conme and join us for our weekly drop-in Absolute Beginners Swing Dance class at 7pm! No advance booking and no partner required- just show up! 

      7pm – 8pm: Level 1

      Absolute beginners swing dance class

      These classes are for new dancers and there is no experience required. We go over the basics every week and then throw in some new moves to get you dancing in no time. This class is drop-in, so you don’t need to book in advance and you don’t need to bring a partner.

      8pm – 8:30pm: social dancing/practice time

      8:30pm – 9:30pm: Level 1.5

      Improvers swing dance class

      This class builds on the content from our Level 1 class and introduces some new and fun things too. It’s perfect for those who want to learn some more moves and technique and get social dancing – if you were comfortable in Level 1 why not stick around?

      9:30pm – 10pm: social dance/drink/dinner!

      Taking more than one class on the same evening? Your second class is half price — just £5!

      Swing Patrol event

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