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    • 24 June 2018 - 30 June 2018Drama/Dance/Musicals

      The Collector

      The Collector by Mark Healy, from the novel by John Fowles

      Directed by Sophie Hardie

      An enthralling edge-of-the-seat thriller about obsessive love

      Frederick Clegg became obsessed with Miranda Grey at first sight. The repressed, introverted, butterfly collector, at first merely admires the beautiful art student from afar. But then he wins the Lottery and buys a remote country house, planning to bring her there as his ‘guest’. Having abducted and imprisoned her, he soon finds the reality is far from his fantasy and their tense, claustrophobic relationship leads to a devastating climax.


      Teddington Theatre Club event

    • 28 June 2018 - 30 June 2018Drama/Dance/Musicals


      A politically confused, perceptive and stingingly hilarious piece about how clueless we can all be about society, politics and birthdays. Set in a quintessentially middle-class garden shed, five young adults try to form a political party yet quickly get lost down a rabbit hole of buzz-words, political correctness and lemon drizzle cake. From the team that brought you the OSO Pantomime, Punk Rock and Sealed comes Party, a political satire packed with sincerity.

      OSO Arts Centre event

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