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    • 19 November 2020 - 6 April 2021Visual Arts/Film

      Landmark Festive Emporium Goes Online!

      Sadly the current lockdown means that our Landmark Festive Emporium can't take place as a physical event, but instead it is going online!  

      The specially created online Festive Emporium opens at 10am Thursday 19th November and will run until December 6th with over 700 products from artists and makers. 

      The Festive Emporium will go online at and will also feature ‘Meet the Maker’ blogs from participants, as well as special offers around Black Friday from 27-28 November.

      Details will be posted on social media over the coming weeks.

      Participating makers and artists include:

      Anjali B Purkayastha – paintings

      Areej Abdi – prints

      Carol Wilson – paintings

      Charlotte Clowes – paper art

      Chrissy – ceramic lights

      Cristina Schek – print

      Emilia Chubb – paintings

      Emoral – urban furniture

      Esther Brown – prints & Paintings

      Kate Guy Prints – linocut print designs on kitchenware

      Kit Mooi – weaving

      Kitty Wass – prints & paintings

      Liz Whiteman Smith – prints

      Madeline Morrow – paintings

      Marianne Laker Designs – soft toys & cushions

      Nadia Day – prints & paintings

      Penny Seume – scarves & lampshades

      Sarah Grove Ceramics – porcelain jugs & vases

      Sue Ribbans – prints & paintings

      Wick’d Wax Botanicals – candles

      Every penny of profit goes back into supporting the work and maintenance of our much loved and wonderful arts centre, enabling us to keep the doors open and continue serving the community.

      So Shop, Sparkle and be Merry

      For more information see the website

      Landmark Arts Centre event

    • 20 November 2020 - 26 November 2021Visual Arts/Film

      This Week’s Recommendation: Mystery Road


      This week's recommendation

      Mystery Road


      2013,121 mins. English language

      Directed by Ivan Sen

      Mystery Road was the 757th film screened by RFS on 18th October 2016.  It was the second ranked film of Season 54, with an audience approval rating of 91%.

      Writer-director Ivan Sen (who also shoots, scores and edits) goes walkabout through the minefield of contemporary Australian culture, offering an evocative snapshot of an unravelling crime scene – social, racial and economic.

      Charismatic Aaron Pedersen stars as detective Jay Swan, returning to his small-town roots after a stint in "the big smoke", which has merely widened the chasm between him and his former peers. The son of a stockman, Jay is "an Abbo copper" caught between two worlds – alienated from his own community, ostracised by his white workmates. 

      It is the discovery of a teenager's body under a road used by truckers that fires this scorched-noir murder mystery. While the police department remains resolutely unmoved by the death of an indigenous Australian girl ("You're on your own on this one, Jay"), the case strikes close to home for the unloved detective – the dead girl had been texting his daughter, Crystal, and his lonely inquiries uncover sordid evidence of drug-dealing, sexual exploitation and worse. You don't have to be a super-sleuth to figure out that Jay is scratching away at a web in which almost everyone is ensnared, or that the thin blue line between cops and criminals has turned a very murky shade of grey. Yet the ultimate destination of the narrative is less important than the road that leads us there, the sights and fellow travellers encountered en route making this a journey worth taking.

      (With acknowledgements to Mark Kermode, Observer).

      Full film notes available in the Twickenham & Richmond Tribune -

      Mystery Road spawned a TV serial that has recently been screened for the second time on BBC4. The film can be streamed from Amazon Prime and the Blu-Rays are available from Amazon and others.

      Presented by Richmond Film Society




      Richmond Film Society event

    • 21 November 2020 - 31 December 2020Visual Arts/Film

      Richmond Art Society Winter Exhibition at RHACC & Online

      Richmond Art Society plans to hold a Winter 2020 Exhibition at Richmond & Hillcroft Adult Community College, Parkshot, Richmond, as well as showcasing all the works Online.

      Richmond Art Society is planning to hold its annual Winter Exhibition at Richmond & Hillcroft Adult Community College, from Saturday 28 November to Saturday 5 December.  If it can go ahead subject to government restrictions at the time, the exhibition will of course be held fully in accordance with Covid security guidelines.

      Due to these uncertain times, Richmond Art Society is also hosting a Virtual Winter Exhibition online on the Society’s website.  This will go live on 21 November and run until January 2021. There will also be a PDF catalogue of all the works available to download.

      Please visit and follow the links to the online show from 21 November.

      The exhibition will feature established and emerging member artists from the Society.

      Peter Swann, Chair of Richmond Art Society, says: “In these challenging time, we aim to support our artists by organising a physical exhibition, but we are also doing an online presentation of all those works so that our member artists are assured of a Winter Exhibition even if Covid-19 stops us from having a physical show.”

      Richmond Art Society event

    • 24 November 2020 - 6 December 2020Visual Arts/Film

      Natalia Zozulya Exhibiting with: Katalin Szallas Victoria Veil

      Old masters’ techniques and a contemporary approach to oil paintings are entwined in atmospheric and dynamic figurative canvases by Nataliya Zozulya. Alongside German artist Victoria Veil’s detailed graphic artworks and modern classic ceramics by Katalin Szallas.


      Fountain Gallery event

    • 27 November 2020 - 3 December 2020Visual Arts/Film

      This Week’s Recommendation: The Edge of Heaven

      This week's recommendation

      The Edge of Heaven 


      2007, 122 mins. Turkish/German/English  language

      Directed by Fatih Akin

      The Edge of Heaven was the fourth ranked film of Season 46, with an approval rating of 85%.

      Fatih Akin, who both wrote and directed The Edge of Heaven, won the prize for best screenplay at Cannes in 2007.  His film is divided into three parts, the first two of which introduce separate sets of characters, while the third brings the threads of the stories together.

      The film displays the tension between Akin’s Germany, and Turkey, where Akin’s parents were born, showing the gulf between the first and second-generation Turkish-Germans, and the conflicts about their identity and their relation with the old country.

      The narrative is built around a series of accidents, chance encounters and missed encounters. That compassion does not always come easily or express itself clearly is one of the director's central insights. He is generous with his characters, even at their worst, but he also regards them with a measure of detachment as their good intentions go astray and their bad impulses bear terrible fruit. Similarly, while he is acutely aware of viciousness, injustice and hypocrisy in both Turkey and Germany, his camera absorbs the authentic beauty in both countries, from Bremen to Istanbul and to the hillsides and fishing villages of the Black Sea coast.

      Full film notes are available in the Twickenham & Richmond Tribune -

      The Edge of Heaven does not appear to be available to be streamed but the disc is available from Amazon and others.

      Presented by Richmond Film Society





      Richmond Film Society event

    • 27 November 2020Visual Arts/Film


      Anne Hellyer will give a talk on the history of British Embroidery - an overview

      This talk will go ahead on Zoom and non-members are welcome. Please contact for the link.

      There will be a few news & notes before the talk.


      Kingston & District Embroiderers' Guild event

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