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Turning Tide 2020 By Jackie Thorne

Arts Richmond

Online - 20 September 2020

Turning Tide 2020 By Jackie Thorne

The year started with much delight,

Little did we know the forthcoming plight.

New plans were made for the year ahead

Since then lots has happened and much to be said.


Television gave coverage from China where the coronavirus

had spread, that time we didn’t know what lay ahead.

It travelled to Europe and Italy’s numbers were shown

Spreading quickly, this virus had flown.


In March it had arrived, the Government were in a state,

Hesitating, not knowing what to do, about the ‘R’ rate.

The twentieth marked as Lockdown Day,

Everybody in shock: how long would this virus stay?


Daily conferences were held, telling us the score,

With people being infected, some sadly dying (which was more?)

Not enough vital equipment was in place

Bringing peril to wards, and medical staff who keep them safe.


Care homes left on their own, so unfair.

Chaos happening, all the carers in despair.

Streets were silent, not a sound,

Not many people outward bound.


People started working from their home

Using modern tech and calling on the phone.

Furlough was here for some

As they could not earn an income.


Home schooling became the norm.

At first, parents felt they were caught up in a storm.

Grandparents, siblings, friends and all

Helped out with the virtual calls.


Shopping was done mostly on-line

Although you had to get a slotted delivery time.

Early hours were given to OAPs, to shop

With the job done quickly, hurrying back home to flop


Daily walking was allowed, with distancing a must.

If you didn’t oblige, people made a fuss.

People were being friendly and kind

Given that we were all of the same mind.


All the restaurants, cafés, bars were closed

No more appointments, all postponed

Everyone putting everything on hold

Waiting for news, to be told


NHS did us proud

Rainbows in windows all around.

Clapping every Thursday for medics pulling their weight

Neighbours on doorsteps on the dot of eight


Gatherings prohibited and weddings could not be on

Holidays were cancelled, they were gone.

No houses around were up for sale

As we continue with this dreadful tale.


Families were together, for some they were alone

Twenty four hours, spending time in their home.

Self isolating, loneliness came without a doubt

Staying safe what it was all about.


Gradually time came when people in the open air could meet

Walking with friends, then chatting spread out on a seat.

Families could be with loved ones once again

A very warm welcome awaiting when they came.


Washing hands frequently, we must do

Sanitizer is now the new norm for me and you.

Face masks were order of the day

With this people feel safe, so that’s OK.


A vaccination is really what we need

Scientists are working very hard indeed

Life will now be different not the same

Eventually freedom will come back to us once again.


The sea changes, with the waves and tides

As it grumbles, rumbles there is nowhere to hide.

Likewise this unknown virus has caused such pain

Take heed in what we have learnt, so it won’t be in vain.


Yesterday has gone and has a past.

Each day brings a fresh new start.

Sometimes it felt we lost the plot. We know now

To enjoy the moment and be content with what we’ve got.

Turning Tide 2020 By Jackie Thorne

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