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Poem for today by Barbara Lee

Arts Richmond

Online - 18 May 2020

Poem for today by Barbara Lee

We fought a war and won
Deeds of good people were done
They came back from war
What was it all for?
Families torn
Waiting for new life to be born.

Many did not tell
Where they saw their friends that fell
But hid it deep inside
Alone they cried.

But they got up
Through their pain
And started again
A new life they began
Those secrets in their mind
They buried in the sand.

So today we remember
A war that was won
Lives that had only just begun
Lives lost in a rubble of doom
A world coming out of a dark gloom.

But that fighting spirit to create something new
A world of peace for our children and you.
They never let us down
Those survivors still around
And while we pause and say
Thank you for our freedom today
We are reminded that in these times
Of being alone
Our fighting spirit will take us out of the unknown. 

By Barbara Lee

VE Day

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