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Poem for the day by Ken Mason

Arts Richmond

Online - 13 May 2020

Poem for the day by Ken Mason

Left Hand or Right


Is there a real or just merely imaginary

Difference in those who use left hand or right?

Are all the righties more practical people and

Lefties artistic but more erudite?


The righties are often quite rude about lefties

Calling them ‘south paws’ or more derogatory, like a

Left-handed marriage to someone less noble than the

Right-handed partner’s so posh pedigree


Gone are the days when the left-handed children were

Forcibly driven to write with the right

Creating a stammer or other disorder, often

Lasting through life and creating a blight, so


Let us rejoice in the difference, if there is one

Lefties and righties join hands and with glee, hold

This, here, my right hand in your tiny left hand, and

Walk side by side keeping prejudice free


Ken Mason


Left Hand or Right?

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