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Poem for the day by Felicity Buirski

Arts Richmond

Online - 12 May 2020

Poem for the day by Felicity Buirski



We’re Islamic, we are Christian, we are Hindu we are Jew

We are Buddhist, we are Atheist, we are Humanist too

“I sent you many Prophets; they never meant to take my place

They traversed a great distance bringing wisdom, truth and grace

And every Prophet was a healer with another bridge to mend

But you keep making gods from the messengers I send



I sent my only Son to bear the weight of sin

To bring us back together but instead you distanced Him

You pinned Him to a cross, nailed the Dove to its perch

Fed the Lamb to Dogma and caged a Lion in a Church”

It’s very true Lord that round whomever you anoint

We build a new religion tailor-made to miss the point


Love betrayed by human ways when we deny the Lord of Days

Here in a different time, in a different place

With a different face, He dies

But He comes alive every time we realise


Every time I pass a beggar by

Every time I’m enraptured by the lie

Every second of every day I bear witness

To your perfect passion play


Every time I defer a decision I see Pontius Pilate

Grinning in derision

Every time I should but I don’t speak

The cock crows twice and wakes me from my sleep


And every time I betray what I believe in

There goes poor old Judas torn apart and grieving

And when I am puffed up and sure of my place in Heaven

I’m brought to my knees for the Bread of Life is unleavened

There are no wrongs to right

There are no Holy Wars to fight

There is no fundamental flaw

Love released us evermore


But error still bites the heel of truth

And the agéd still corrupt the youth

And we skulk about outside the realm

When our rightful place is at the helm


Into sickness we have bought with our poverty of thought

Now we must take some thought of what we eat and drink

But every thought of what we speak and think

Salt and sugar’s had its power

And tobacco’s had its hour

We’ve cursed the drink and blamed the cream

And the power of chocolate was obscene


Has the Sermon on the Mount really come to no account

When two thousand years go by and we still think we’re born to die?

Love betrayed by human ways when we deny the Lord of Days

Here in a different time in a different place

With a different face, He dies


When Jesus healed the man insane ‘Legion’ was the Demon’s name

For they were many and diverse they were ‘unreal’ and perverse

When will we give in, see the ‘unreality’ of sin?

See passion for what it is and not what it pretends

Claim our inheritance and leave what this world lends


Against the world we must stand every woman, every man

For who are we to blame and where are we to send the claim?

 If we perpetuate our desire to sin

 We distance God and cannot win

We might think He’s dead or simply doesn’t love us

And the lower we sink the more He’s above us


So great scientists of our time roll up their sleeves amongst the slime

In their hopes to find a cure humankind can endure

But it’s difficult to defend what rises up as we descend


And that will only inspire us to think of a cleverer virus

With your material laws you’re never gonna catch us spiritual whores

For we can inhabit your mind’s despair

Or float about aimless in the air

Where at your command we can become contagious

And if you think deformed we can become outrageous


Love and Truth is the only healer, the only way

The only redeemer


So good doctors do take care when giving in to despair

Admit your defeat but don’t say sickness can’t be beat

We can wage a billion dollar war that just perpetuates the sore

For it’s the billion dollar deal that won’t let sickness heal


When will I give up the fight, my ‘belief’ in wrong and right?

My faith in day and night, the total inertia and then the fright?

My delight in happy and sad, my right to be good and bad

When will I choose one or the other; it’s either me or my brother?


But that would mean I’d have to change

My mind and thoughts I’d have to re-arrange

I’d have to love my enemies as my friends

Practice forgiveness and make amends

Then I’d have to think before I speak

Be always perfect and never freak

Be kind and gentle mild and meek

And to the sensate mind the future sounds bleak!


Man will never conquer the effects of sin

Though they strangely disappear when you let love in

But it’s a vicious circle until you fall

And it’s a constant battle ‘till you heed the call

Sin shows in self-enlightenment, it glows in self-entitlement

It explodes in suppression and grows magnificent in deep repression


And a thousand years of analysis won’t unsrcamble these human fallacies


I am not what I seem, five senses locked down in a dream

Got to tear off this body’s disguise

I think my soul’s been hypnotised


One by one we all must fall

One by one we heed the call

For all of us without exception

Is made by God in His reflection

Not lost for a moment in miasma’s maze

Held forever in His perfect gaze

We dance in His pupil, we’re the apple of His eye

We’ve become immortal we cannot die


But we’re held in thrall of the Great Pretender

Until we’re ready to surrender

And pack it all in and go Home


“You’re Islamic you are Christian you’re a Hindu you’re a Jew

You’re a Buddhist you’re an Atheist you’re a Humanist too

I’m all or none of these things; let’s say I take the overview

For we are One not many and I am infinitely you

So what shall I do now I have nothing more to give?

If I come again in human form could you let me live?”


But it hasn’t been in vain Lord but you know that

For some have reached you and some are on the track

And even when we seem to take the Devil’s part

Aren’t we all imperceptibly nudging closer to your heart?




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