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Poem for today by Anthony Josolyne

Arts Richmond

Online - 01 May 2020

Poem for today by Anthony Josolyne

Invisible, lifeless, still passive;

aimlessly wafting:

a seed-like germ of death,


waiting for a host.


No instinct, no self-drive;

carried by atmospheric flow,

through the air we breathe,

unwittingly inhaled…

… absorbed:

then growth!


Airborne, the regenerated, threat

builds and spreads across the globe

victimising the vulnerable and weak;

no cure is known

and protection may be breached.


Society is stricken:

close social contact’s lost;

shortage of supplies,

handled goods unsafe.


Science struggles,

industry crumbles,

finance founders,

sickness and death

on the increase, day by day.




care and patience

block it.


Tony Josolyne

(Self-isolating 2020)

Viral Pandemic

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