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Arts Richmonds Diana Armfield Drawing from Observation Exhibition

Arts Richmond

Barn Church, Kew - 04 March 2020

Arts Richmonds Diana Armfield Drawing from Observation Exhibition


For six days between 25th February and 1st March the 104 entries competition were displayed at the Barn Church and on Thursday 27th February Diana Armfield presented the prizes to the winners.   In a short speech Diana said that all the pictures were of such a high standard that in addition to the first, second and third prize winners, she was able to commend twelve more pictures.

Diana, a remarkable and inspiring woman who will be 100 in June this year, is an RA and studied at the Slade School of Art.  In 2018 she asked Arts Richmond to help her put on a competition in memory of her late husband Bernard Dunstan RA.  She was very particular as to how it should be run: it had to be a ‘drawing from observation’ competition with herself involved in it all the way to the point of judging the entries.  The first competition was in September 2018 at the Landmark Art Centre in Teddington and this was the second competition.

She is passionate about the value of drawing from observation and said she hoped that at the next competition there should be more entries from people who had never drawn before, but had been persuaded to do so by the benefit that she feels comes from  the endeavour of really looking and taking time to draw what they see.  ‘We should all do it, whatever age we are!’ she said.  ‘It’s good for our brain, our well-being, our life!’  I was won over.

The first prize was awarded to Caragh Savage for her beautiful charcoal drawing, ‘Reclining Head 1’, who was presented with a charcoal drawing by Diana which Caragh will be able to keep for a year.    With an MA Drawing from Wimbledon UAL, Caragh teaches an ‘enrichment life class’ to science and engineering students at University of Bath, and it is well  worth looking at her website: www.caraghsavage.co.uk .  The second prize went to Sue Smith for her ‘Thames at Teddington’, and the third to Anastasia Maliushevska for her ‘Tulip’. 

Review by Harriet Grace for 'Link Magazine'

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