Swan Awards 2018-2019 - Nominations

Best Actor in a Play

  • David Shortland as Arthur in Pink Mist
  • Dave Brickwood as Thomas Cromwell in Bring Up the Bodies
  • Daniel Wain as King Charles in King Charles III
  • Simon Bickerstaffe as Joe Keller in All My Sons

Best Actress in a Play

  • Sue Reoch as Karen Holt in Something to Hide
  • Jane Marcus as T in Handbagged
  • Amanda Adams as Hedda Gabler in Hedda Gabler
  • Dorothy Duffy as Fran Price in Things I Know to be True

Best Boy Young Performer aged 14 and under

  • Nils Collins as William Beech/Sammy the Dog in Goodnight Mr Tom
  • Finn Bralow as Genie in Aladdin Jnr
  • Ethan O’Keeffe as Sultan in Aladdin Jnr
  • Adam Gaunt as Edmund in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Best Design Element

  • Bill Compton (Projections) for Our House
  • Lesley Alexander, Margaret Boulton, Margaret Williams (Costumes) for Ladies in Waiting
  • Fiona Auty (Set) for Jeeves & Wooster
  • Lynne Hulme, Noreen Silverstein, Jan Madge (Costumes) for Copacabana

Best Female Performer in a Musical

  • Becky Silverstein as Samantha/Lola in Copacabana
  • Rebecca Dowbiggin as Dick in Dick Whittington
  • Cate Blackmore as Conchita Alvarez in Copacabana
  • Heather Stockwell as Tracy Lord in High Society

Best Girl Young Performer aged 14 and under

  • Evie Schaapveld as the Dormouse in Alice in Wonderland
  • Alice Bonney as Dinah Lord in High Society
  • Athea Andi as the Cat in Honk (Old Vicarage School)
  • Daisy Allen as the White Witch in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Best Male Performer in a Musical

  • Tom Daniels as Stephen/Tony in Copacabana
  • Daniel Stark as Rico Castelli in Copacabana

Best Musical Production

  • Copacabana T J Lloyd (Director), John Davies (Musical Director), Kimberly Powell (Choreography)
  • Our House Bill Compton (Director) James Hall (Musical Director), Emma Knight (Choreography)
  • Dick Whittington Bill Compton (Director) James Hall (Musical Director), Emma Knight (Choreography)

Best Overall Stage Presentation

  • Junis Olmscheid, Simon Bickerstaffe, Martin Pope, John Pyle for Twelfth Night
  • Rodney Figaro, Paul Nicholson, John Pye, Miriam King for Journey’s End
  • Patrick Troughton, Mike Elgey, John Pyle, Zoe Harvey-Lee for Handbagged
  • Jackie Howting, Dave Young, Becky Halden, Jessica Young, Paula Young, Ellen Walker for Alice in Wonderland

Best Production of a Play

  • Handbagged directed by Ben Clare
  • All My Sons directed by Mair Graham
  • Pink Mist directed by Nigel Cole and Gita Singham-Willis
  • Journey’s End directed by Rodney Figaro

Best Supporting Actor in a Play

  • John Gilbert as Malvolio in Twelfth Night
  • Michael Andrew as Edward in Kindly Leave the Stage
  • Francis Abbott as Osborne in Journey’s End
  • Jack Lumb as Chris Keller in All My Sons

Best Supporting Actress in a Play

  • Dionne King as Paulina in Winter’s Tale
  • Francesca Stone as Kate, Duchess of Cambridge in King Charles III
  • Lizzie Lattimore as Actor 1 in Handbagged
  • Georganna Simpson as Jess in King Charles III

Best Supporting Female Performer in a Musical

  • Jessica Young as the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland
  • Bee Wilkinson as Gladys Murphy in Copacabana
  • Kelly-Marie Tuthill as Alice in Dick Whittington
  • Alexa Bushell as Billy in Sleeping Beauty

Best Supporting Male Performer in a Musical

  • Ian Stark as Sam Silver in Copacabana
  • Matt Nicholas as the Hatter in Alice in Wonderland
  • Geoffrey Farrar as Sir Despard Murgatroyd in Ruddigore
  • Edz Barrett as Old Adam in Ruddigore

Best Young Performer aged 15-19 years

  • Johnnie Clark as William Carlisle in Punk Rock & Bassett
  • Ben Willows as Raleigh in Journey’s End
  • Fintan Quinn as Stanhope in Journey’s End
  • Berenike Kahane as Rosie in Things I Know to be True

Best Youth Production

  • The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - Matthew Bunn (Director)
  • Honk - Ali Fryer (Director)
  • Punk Rock & Bassett - Katie Abbott (Director) Laura-May Hassan (Assistant Director)

Cygnet Award

  • King Charles III directed by Susan Conte
  • Three Bags Full directed by Tony Cotterill, Assistant Director Genni Trickett
  • Alice in Wonderland directed by Jackie Howting

The Accolade

The Adjudicators' Award

The Wild Swan