Swan Awards 2016-2017 - Nominations

Best Boy Young Performer aged 14 and under

  • Winner - Finn Bralow as Michael in ELF the Musical
  • Leo Buckley as Shylock in THE MERCHANT OF VENICE
  • Nils Collins as Prince of Morocco in THE MERCHANT OF VENICE
  • Tom Stephens as Hook in PETER PAN JNR

Best Girl Young Performer aged 14 and under

  • Abigail Eggleton as Jovie in ELF the Musical (Hampton Hill cast)
  • Izzie Shepherd as Jovie in ELF the Musical ( Twickenham cast)
  • Winner - Millie Stephens as Smee in PETER PAN JNR
  • Amber Westgate as Mrs Greenway ELF the Musical

Best Young Performer aged 15-19 years

  • Winner - Charlie Booker as General Tom Thumb in BARNUM
  • Fiona Lock as Portia in THE MERCHANT OF VENICE
  • Tom Nunan as Secretary of State, Dr Wilhelm Stuckart in CONSPIRACY
  • Anna Watson as Queen in THE SNOW DRAGONS (RSS Youth)

Best Supporting Male Performer in a Musical

  • Nigel Cole as Franz Liebkind in THE PRODUCERS
  • Winner - Robin Legard for various roles in OH WHAT A LOVELY WAR
  • Mathew Madeley as Carmen Ghia in THE PRODUCERS

Best Supporting Actress in a Play

  • Shana de Carsignac as Eunice in A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE
  • Andrea Harris as Lady Bracknell in THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST (
  • Liz Salaman as Lion Aunt in STEVIE
  • Winner - Iona Twiston-Davies as Sancho THE HISTORY OF CARDENIO

Best Supporting Actor in a Play

  • Bill Compton as Chris in TOO LONG AN AUTUMN
  • Andy Smith as Secretary of State, Brigadier Gerhard Klopfer in CONSPIRACY
  • Steve Taylor as Wesley in JERUSALEM
  • Winner - Scott Tilley as Caliban in THE TEMPEST

Best Youth Production

  • Attempts on her Life directed by Lucy Hanneghan
  • Attempts on her Life directed by Lucy Hanneghan
  • Elf, the Musical directed by Stephen Leslie
  • Merchant of Venice directed by Emma Tinniswood with Alii Fryer (Asst. Director)
  • Winner - Titanic, The Musical directed by Sarah Dowd and Elizabeth Lattimore

Best Male Performer in a Musical

  • Winner - Tom Cane as Leo Bloom in THE PRODUCERS
  • Bryan Cardus as Max Bialystock in THE PRODUCERS
  • Ben Roberts as P.T. Barnum in BARNUM

Best Female Performer in a Musical

  • Johanna Chambers as Yum-Yum in THE MIKADO
  • Kathryn Field as Cinderella in CINDERELLA
  • Winner - Rachel Williams as Ulla in THE PRODUCERS

Best Actress in a Play

  • Joolz Connery as Alida in BREADCRUMBS
  • Winner - Jane Marcus as Stevie in STEVIE
  • Mia Skytte as Elvira in BLITHE SPIRIT
  • Mandy Stenhouse as Alicia Christie in BLACK CHIFFON

Best Actor in a Play

  • Winner - Craig Cameron Fisher as Shylock in THE MERCHANT OF VENICE
  • Charles Golding as Tupolski in THE PILLOWMAN
  • Ian Kinane as Cosme McMoon in GLORIOUS
  • Simon Stache as Gregor in METAMORPHOSIS

Cygnet Award

  • BLACK CHIFFON directed by Jean Wood
  • BLITHE SPIRIT directed by John Gilbert, Fiona Poole (Asst. Dir.)
  • THE DISTANCE directed by Susan Conte
  • Winner - GLORIOUS directed by Genni Trickett

Best Musical Production

  • BARNUM directed by Ian Stark, Matthew Harcourt (MD), Lacey Creed (Choreo)
  • CINDERELLA directed by Marc Batten, Helen Geldert (MD), Emma Hosier (Choreo)
  • Winner - THE PRODUCERS directed by Deb McDowell, Janet Simpson (MD),Jennifer Moorhead (Choreo)
  • TITANIC: THE MUSICAL directed by Sarah Dowd and Elizabeth Lattimore, Adam Hope (MD),Lucy Hanneghan (Choreo)

Best Production of a Play

  • CONSPIRACY directed by Fiona Smith
  • JERUSALEM directed by John Buckingham
  • Winner - METAMORPHOSIS directed by Rodney Figaro
  • THE TEMPEST directed by Deborah Campbell

Best Design Element

  • Mike Elgey for Lighting in TITANIC: THE MUSICAL
  • Winner - Junis Olmscheid for Costume Design in THE TEMPEST
  • Harry Medawar for Set Design in THE WEIR
  • Jessica Young for Set Design in Pinocchio

Best Supporting Female Performer in a Musical

  • Heather Mathew for various roles in THE PRODUCERS
  • Cate Blackmore as Jenny Lind in BARNUM
  • Winner - Samantha McGill as Madam Cod-fillet in CINDERELLA
  • Fiona Stark as Joice Heth in BARNUM

Best Overall Stage Presentation

  • Winner - JERUSALEM: Mart Stonelake (set design), Mike Elgey (Lighting) , Aaron Lobo,(projection). Lesley Alexander, Margaret Boulton (costumes)
  • METAMORPHOSIS: Rodney Figaro (set), Paul Nicholson (lighting design), Carol Fuller (costume design) Martin Pope (sound design)
  • THE SNOW DRAGONS : Jo Moles & Junis Olmscheid (set design/scenic painting), Paul Nicholson (lighting design) Martin Pope (sound design), Carol Fuller (costumes) (RSS Youth)
  • A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE - Phoebe Ross , Alan Corbett & Junis Olmscheid (set design), Janey Elgey (production manager)

The Accolade

  • Winner - Jean Wood

The Adjudicators' Award

  • Winner - Lee Dewsnap

The Wild Swan

  • Winner - Mike Elgey for Jerusalem

The Adjudicators' Award