Swan Awards 2017-2018 - Nominations

Best Actor in a Play

  • Brendan Leddy as Charlie in Stones in His Pockets
  • Ian Kinane as Jake in Stones in His Pockets
  • Terry Bedell as Richard Willey in Out of Order
  • Matt O’Toole as Frederick Clegg in The Collector

Best Actress in a Play

  • Mia Skytte as Anthea in Joking Apart
  • Tracy Frankson as Laura in Still Life
  • Dorothy Duffy as Joan in Betty and Joan
  • Katie Barton as Richard in Richard II

Best Boy Young Performer aged 14 and under

  • Noam Sala Budgen as Graham in Made in Dagenham
  • Jack Reynolds as Rooster Hannigan in Annie Jr.
  • Daniel Nascimento as Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland
  • William Massie as Oliver Warbucks in Annie Jr

Best Design Element

  • Sarah Dowd, Elizabeth Lattimore, Emma Woodley, Emily Moss for Costumes and Hair in Blue Stockings
  • Paul Nicholson (Lighting Design), Junis Olmschied, Miriam King & John Gilbert (costume design) in A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Paul Wiz Baker (Lighting) for Sleeping Beauty
  • Martin Pope (Sound Design) and Andrew Mathieson (Lighting Design) for Joking Apart

Best Female Performer in a Musical

  • Mandy Church as Violet Newstead in 9 to 5
  • Alex Alderson as Doralee Rhodes in 9 to 5
  • Abigail Francis as Mole in The Wind in the Willows
  • Lacey Creed as Rita O’Grady in Made in Dagenham

Best Girl Young Performer aged 14 and under

  • Frankie McGuinness as Lily St Regis in Annie Jr.
  • Juliet Hill as Flora in Turn of the Screw
  • Clare Blake as Spindleshanks in Sleeping Beauty
  • Lili Ram as Annie in Annie Jr.

Best Male Performer in a Musical

  • John Mortley as Ratty in The Wind in the Willows
  • Chris Morris as Ed Kleban in A Class Act
  • Tom Daniels as Franklin Hart in 9 to 5
  • Martin Wilcox as Eddie O’Grady in Made in Dagenham

Best Musical Production

  • Made in Dagenham Wesley Henderson Roe (Director), Artemis Reed (Musical director), Susi Pink (Choreographer)
  • 9 to 5 TJ Lloyd (Director), John Davis (Musical Director), Lacey Creed (Choreographer)

Best Overall Stage Presentation

  • Fiona Auty, Nick Osorio, John Pyle & Sarah Carter for The Collector
  • Tom Shore, John Pyle, Fiona Auty, Norma Beresford for Still Life
  • Lizzie Lattimore, Jenna Powell for A View from the Bridge
  • Fiona Auty, Mags Wrightson, Colin Swinton, Nick Eliot for The Wind in the Willows

Best Production of a Play

  • Richard II directed by Simon Bartlett
  • Blue Stockings directed by Sarah Dowd and Elizabeth Lattimore with Jenna Powell
  • The 39 Steps directed by Louise Stenson
  • Stones in his Pockets directed by Wesley Henderson Roe

Best Supporting Actor in a Play

  • Neelaksh Sadhoo as A Body in Out of Order
  • Paul Furlong as Marco in A View from the Bridge
  • Simon Bickerstaffe as Clown 2 in The 39 Steps
  • Francis Abbott as Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Best Supporting Actress in a Play

  • Samantha McGill as Myrtle in Still Life
  • Helen Geldert for various characters in Under Milk Wood
  • Julie Davis as Nurse Wilson in A Month of Sundays
  • Rachel Burnham as Beryl in Still Life

Best Supporting Female Performer in a Musical

  • Lizzie Brignall as Connie Riley in Made in Dagenham
  • Becky Silverstein as Roz Keith in 9 to 5
  • Clair Jardella as Barbara Castle in Made in Dagenham
  • Louise Ellard-Turnbull as Felicia Lipshitz in A Class Act

Best Supporting Male Performer in a Musical

  • Dave Dadswell as Albert in The Wind in the Willows
  • Dave Young as Queen Dorothy in Sleeping Beauty
  • Dave Shortland as Joe in The Matchgirls

Best Young Performer aged 15-19 years

  • Gondwana Pietsch as Eva in Kindertransport
  • Amelia Kirk as Carabosse in Sleeping Beauty
  • Adam Hammond as Paris in Romeo and Juliet (RSS Youth Group)
  • Anna Watson as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet (RSS Youth Group)

Best Youth Production

  • Stephen Leslie (director) and Artemis Reed (Musical Director) for Annie Jr
  • Katie Abbott (Director) & Simon Bickerstaffe (Musical director) for Romeo and Juliet (RSS Youth Group)

Cygnet Award

  • Out of Order directed by Jackie Howting
  • Sleeping Beauty directed by Jessica Young
  • Picnic at Hanging Rock directed by Susan Conte

The Accolade

The Adjudicators' Award

The Wild Swan