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The Kindred
Spirit Band
has a completely original take on the Folk Rock / Prog
Rock genre, weaving thrilling electric violin and flute with
compelling and uplifting stories, driving rhythms and "haunting
and bewitching" female vocals. They are a five-piece band
featuring guitar, two classically trained , virtuoso, lead instrument
players (on violin and flute / sax), dynamic drums and bass guitar
and laced with jigs, reels and duelling improvisations.

The heart of
the band sound is Elaine Samuels' beautiful vocals, powerful,
"perceptive and intriguing" songs and guitar work.

The band soars
into a rock stratosphere with classically trained, exciting and
charismatically eccentric, newest band member,
Martin Ash
thrilling and beautifully melodic violin playing, which takes on the
role of the more usual lead electric guitar during the rockier

's (and sometimes Stevie Mitchell's) expert and
vibrant, classically trained flute & saxophone playing
complements and plays both around and alongside the violin melodies,
bursting into "Tullesque" solos, and their lovely vocals
harmonise well with Elaine's.

Mike Hislop
plays driving and dynamic bass rhythms and one of two great
drummers underpin the sound! They currently play with either
excellent prog drummer, Aleem Saleh or legendary (ex Judas Priest,
Roger Glover and many other famous names) drummer, Les

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