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Singing4Health is a Company that promotes physical, mental and social well-being through musical activities, primarily centered in singing.

THE PRIMARY BENEFICIARIES of Singing4Health are people who risk becoming isolated because of age, disability, or the demands of a role as carer. Also nurses, student nurses, and other healthcare professionals will also benefit from this project both as participants and as trainees. And also any group or community at risk of discrimination or unfair treatment for any reason.


THE SINGING4HEALTH FRAMEWORK considers every singer as the focus and most important subject to work with. Therefore we take into consideration the needs and well-being of the participants prior to the demands and stresses of being focused in the public performances.

WE BELIEVE that singing is good for everyone and that everybody should be invited to having singing as part of their lives. We believe that singing is an excellent tool for working with groups of people that are very diverse, and develop their integration and interaction in the ensemble.


SINGING4HEALTH PROVIDES training and resources for focusing in a holistic approach to singing for well-being. Community groups and Mindful Singing.


SINGING4HEALTH OFFERS consultancy services to organizations and companies on the field of music and well-being.


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