Debraggio Dining Gallery

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Debraggio have an upstairs dining gallery where they show paintings from local artists.

Their first exhibition is NATURES SPACE by artist Jan Stevens, who's art is contemporary abstract art based on Nature. See the events page for more information.

Jan Stevens ART ... Nature, Space, Wonder

Cornish raised, state educated, global business wise and South West London living celebrate my creativity through fusion. Combined with a sense of curiosity, wonder, community spirit and justice brings wisdom, balance, comppassion, heart and fuun to my art.
The depth of engagement combines energies of the viewer, the painting and myself. Feelings vary and can rrange from colourful appreciation to surprise, thoughtful to inspirational or playful to magical. Maybe the Cornish Pixie's magic comes through.

My intention is that every viewer gains something on their hourney to discover their pure potential and their own unique nature.


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