This Week’s Recommendation: Aurore, I Got Life !

26 Feb 2021

Title: Aurore, I Got Life ! 
France, 2017
89 mins, language French
Directed by Blandine Lenoir

I Got Life ! was 790th film screened by RFS on 16th October 2018.  It was the fifth ranked film of Season 56, with an audience rating of 92%.

I Got Life! is possibly the first and only menopause comedy, a  joyful, life affirming rom-com, full of all the anticipated Gallic romantic clichés and all the more satisfying when they turn up and run their course. 

Aurore is feeling edged out of her own life. Single, out of work and feeling sidelined, the soon-to-be grandma is dreading growing old. However, when she bumps into an old flame at a school reunion, she begins (despite the odd hot flush) to feel sexy again and decides to embrace middle aged life and all it has to offer.

A smart and cheerful observation on women, motherhood, friendships and relationships, I Got Life ! is not only great fun but an empowering film.

Full film notes available in the Twickenham & Richmond Tribune -
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