You People

23 Mar 2021
8:00 pm
St Mary's, Barnes

SW13 9HL

Nikita Lalwani in conversation with Harriett Gilbert, presenter of A Good Read on BBC Radio 4.

'The Pizzeria Vesuvio looks like any other Italian restaurant in London - with a few small differences. The chefs who make the pizza fiorentinas are Sri Lankan, and half the kitchen staff are illegal immigrants.' Nikita Lalwani talks about her new book, a moving novel about the Britain we live in today. 

The novel asks us to think about the moral choices we face in contemporary Britain and the nature and limits of compassion. When should we help those in need and when should we ignore them?  How do you love your neighbour when there are not enough resources to go around, and what happens if you make a decision that goes wrong?

Due to the continuing lockdown we are unable to host this event in the church. However, a film of the interview will be made available to all BLS members on 23 March.

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