"Connectivity" A visual projection display

1 Dec 2020 - 30 Jan 2021
Whitton Library


"Art and soul" have been providing creative activities for those experiencing emotional or mental health challengesd since 1998.

"Connectivity" is a programme set up in response to the coronavirus lockdown, to provide positive oppurtunities for people to connect to others and to explore their creativity.

The project aims to reduce isolation and improve health and well being by reducing anxiety, encouraging creative mindfulness and providing a supportive online community.


From Tuesday 1st October to Saturday 30th January there will be a visual projection display of some of the groups artwork in the library for you to enjoy whilst browsing for your books. 


Free admission


Check with Whitton librasry for further details or contact 

"Friends of Whitton Library" : friendswhitton@gmail.com

Presented by Friends of Whitton Library

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