Marie Lloyd Stole My Life

29 Sep 2019
8:00 pm
Running Time approx. 60 minutes. No interval.
Old Red Lion Theatre

Marie Lloyd does not appear in this play!  She has been cast in a supporting role to the now less well-known Nelly Power.  The play is a newly  written one woman show and in the true spirit of all comedy, which is based on tragedy, Nelly tells the story of her career with amusing anecdotes and a wry sense of humour.   It is a funny and also poignant real-life tale of female empowerment in a patriarchal society.  Whilst the suffragists are politely protesting outside her place of work, Nelly is on stage using Music Hall’s own brand of subversity to mock the male establishment.  And offstage she is building a property portfolio and a small fortune  - until tragedy strikes.   After a hugely successful career Nelly lost her most famous song to the younger Marie Lloyd.  Her career never fully recovered but Marie went on to become the “Queen of the Music Hall” and did everything bigger and better than Nelly (even more marriages and divorces and approximately 10 times as many people at her funeral than Nelly’s 4,000). The story is punctuated with well-known music hall songs so audiences can expect a bit of a sing-along if they are so inclined.

Presented by Blue Fire Theatre Co.

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