Opera Mayhem

15 Sep 2019
1:00 pm
1 pm
Richmond Jewish Community Hub

Playful, exciting and friendly introduction to Opera, in Hebrew, English and Italian. 

Israeli Soprano Noa Lachman and Russian British Bass Toby Sims get together to celebrate the multicultural nature of music, diving into opera of Jewish and non-Jewish composers, bridging between cultures and languages, elevating the spirit of humanity, in Hebrew, English, Italian and more. Opera scenes, sketches, duets and arias are presented both traditionally and as you've never seen before. Noa and Toby will get in among you; they'll make you tingle and laugh, bring you excitement and joy.  They'll be powerful, playful, and sometimes just ridiculous.  

Please, book here: http://bit.ly/OPERARJCH or RSVP to events@rjch.org.uk or call 07741801292.

Presented by Richmond Jewish Community Hub

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