Teddington Artists at Strawberry Hill House

28 Sep 2019 - 29 Sep 2019
Open 11.00 - 5.00 Sat 11.00 -4.00 Sun
Strawberry Hill House


Teddington Artists at Strawberry Hill House        28th & 29th September

See both the Artists and the House for half the usual entry fee. Admission at £6.00

In an exciting new collaboration, Teddington Artists will be holding their 2019 Art Fair in the magnificent surroundings Strawberry Hill House, Horace Walpole's exotic home by the Thames. Chairman John Walsh said "We are absolutely thrilled to be able to support this wonderful treasure and, at the same time, give our many faithful customers a rare chance to see both the house and the art in one visit."

Among the wide range of work produced by Teddington Artists - a small group of professional artists founded in 1996 - are the inventive creations of Wick and Anouschka Hutton. They rove the country - antiques fairs, beaches etc - seeking things that catch their eye: 'objets trouvés' they call them. These Wick assembles into useful and decorative pieces. Oil lamps made from a silver jug, a pair of sugar tongs and a few teaspoons. An electric light fitting made from an old glass insulator. Wick laughs "My studio is a sight to behold with an amazing array of bits and pieces. Depending on what I find, any of those items might turn out to be just the thing."


In her own nearby studio, his wife Anouschka rivals Wick in her upcycling of silver plated items into fantastical ships and flying fish. She says they are "Ships to fly in, dream and travel to far off places in!" But Anouschka’s main passion is painting, producing strong, colourful modern canvasses of rocky cliffs and seascapes inspired by her beloved Cornwall.


There will be 23 very varied artists at the Art Fair on 28th and 29th September - a mix of members of Teddington Artists and carefully selected guests. There are painters, printers, photographers, ceramicists, jewellers and textile artists alongside Wick and Anouschka. "We are delighted to be able to strengthen our links to the local community by giving a new home to this well established event." said Valerie Beard, Events Manager at Strawberry Hill House "We look forward to welcoming a new audience to this fabulous place."

Presented by Teddington Artists

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