Two new sculptures from Artist in Residence Nicky Carvell

21 Jul 2019 - 1 Nov 2019
12:00 pm
On display from 12pm to 4pm Wednesday to Friday
Turner's House
East Twickenham

Two new sculptures by Turner’s House artist in residence Nicky Carvell will be unveiled on Sunday 21st July, inspired by the great 19th Century artist and the house he designed for himself and his father in Twickenham.

Both works are the culmination of a six-month residency, sponsored by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, to continue the house’s artistic heritage and enhance visitors’ experience by encapsulating it's history through colour and form.

The pieces play with the notion of light passing through coloured surfaces in two translucent sculptures; one is installed in the house and the other placed in the garden in which Turner’s father worked. The pieces are designed to cast ever-changing coloured patterns and shadows onto the ground much like a sun dial does. The curved panels have been made from thick acrylic with painted and vinyl wrapped elements and an implied 'sun' and 'moon' at the pinnacle of both works made from metal.

The sculptures also reflect Turner's early designs of the house as a tower on a hill, his own sanctuary from the speed of London life.

Presented by Turner's House Trust

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