The Imagined Grotto: Grottos in literature, painting and film

23 Jul 2019
1:15 pm
Orleans House Gallery


A hiding space for the prosecuted, a spot for magical powers to unravel, the resting place of a cursed treasure and much more.

Grottos have permeated the imagination beyond the garden, making their way to become a fundamental element in the visual arts, including paintings, illustrations, popular movies, and renowned writings.

This talk, delivered by Art Historian and Artist Florencia Nannetti explores the multiple representations of grottos and the many ingenious ways in which these natural caves have provided the perfect setting for a myriad of stories.

For more information on Grottos Talks series or to book, please visit or call 0208 831 6000.


Image: Pan's Labyrinth 2006

Presented by Richmond Arts Service and Orleans House Gallery

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