Landscape of Fancy: The gardens and their grottos

16 Jul 2019
1:15 pm
Orleans House Gallery


What happened to grottos after their celebrated popularity in Ancient Greece? They were certainly not forgotten amongst the mist of time. These fantastical caves were later on brought back to life in the context of the landscape garden.

The poet Alexander Pope, who moved to his new residence in Twickenham in 1719, was one of the first ones to build a grotto in England. He took such a fancy for it, that he spent more than 20 years working on and altering it!
But this is not the only grotto in the city.

Join Art Historian and Artist Florencia Nannetti  for a talk to learn more about the garden grottos and their fascinating secrets.

For more information on Grottos Talks series or to book, please visit or call 0208 831 6000.

Presented by Richmond Arts Service and Orleans House Gallery

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