Grottos: A journey into the mystical

9 Jul 2019
1:15 pm
Orleans House Gallery


The use of natural grottos since Ancient Greece has been intimately intertwined with the religious mystical experience. Such experience was aroused by the unique, spellbinding natural characteristics of these spaces. These enrapturing caves, witnesses to the caprices of tidal waters and playful springs, were associated with nymphs, minor divinities of nature thought to live nearby water.

Join Art Historian and Artist Florencia Nannetti  for a fascinating talk that will unearth many of the mysteries that lay within ancient grottos, and explore how contemporary artists have engaged in creative recreations of these natural wonders.

For more information on Grottos Talks series or to book, please visit or call 0208 831 6000.

Presented by Richmond Arts Service and Orleans House Gallery

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