Walter and Maisy Have A Very Long Day

12 Feb 2018 - 16 Feb 2018
10:00 am
Not on 13th or 15th. Show times 10am and 11:15am
OSO Arts Centre

SW13 0LF

In the tiny fishing village of Little Impish, men and women go out early in their boats to make their living. The locals grow up with the sea and are used to the water. All except Walter Coggs, that is. He doesn’t like the water. He prefers jobs on land. In fact, in an average day, he has many different jobs in the village. Walter’s best friend Maisy Milton, who is the teacher at the local school, decides to help Walter with his milk-round, but from then on the two of them have more adventures than they expected.

Interrupt the Routine bring their children’s show, which will go to the 2018 Edinburgh Festival, to Barnes as part of a co-production between the OSO Arts Centre and the Castlenau Community Centre.
Suitable for ages 4-7 year but younger children welcome.

Presented by OSO Arts Centre

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