Marie- a comic new play about Mary Queen of Scots (sort of)

11 Jan 2018 - 12 Jan 2018
8:00 pm
OSO Arts Centre

SW13 0LF

‘There’s two rules: first, the person you choose must be dead. And second, you have to be dressed up to get in.’ It’s Thursday night in the Prince Arthur and their latest theme night is in full swing. Landlady Liz is run off her feet, whilst husband Barry struggles to get into his new costume. Elsewhere in London, a young woman from Edinburgh steps off a train, determined to make her dreams a reality. Fast-paced and irreverent, Marie is a darkly comic new play inspired by the life of Mary Queen of Scots, but given a distinctly modern twist.

Winner of the Scottish Arts Club Bright Spark award at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017. ‘a deliciously twisted story of obsession’: The List (****)

Presented by OSO Arts Centre

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