The History of Cardenio

18 Mar 2017 - 25 Mar 2017
7:45 pm
Matinee on 19 March 2017 at 3.00pm
Mary Wallace Theatre


Cardenio loves Lucinda. When he tells his friend Fernando about her, Fernando loves Lucinda too.  But Fernando is already as good as married to Violenta, a farmer’s daughter. So, to marry Lucinda, Fernando must be doubly false and betray the two people who are dearest to him. One will come close to death, another will go mad. Quesada, the old schoolmaster, has read too many stories of chivalry and determines to become a wandering knight. With his houseboy, Sancho, as his squire, he takes to the road to kill dragons and save damsels. There will be confrontations and absolutions but will everyone come out happy? Will everyone come out sane?

Richmond Shakespeare Society and Cutpurse present the British premiere of the most authentic vision of the lost play. One of the world’s leading Shakespeare scholars, Gary Taylor, collaborates posthumously with Shakespeare andv Fletcher to re-create their adaptation of Don Quixote in a script that’s passionate, romantic and immensely funny.  And for once you won’t know how it ends...

Box Office:  020 8744 0547

Presented by Richmond Shakespeare Society

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