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  • Sketching Days - Shot Tower and Crane Park Island

    Sketching days with Nicky Browne. Come along and enjoy a relaxed day sketching out in the open. All are welcome - bring your own materials.

    Friday 14 August 2020
    11:00 - 16:00

    Shot Tower and Crane Park Island

    Ellerman Ave
    TW2 6AA

    Come along and sketch with local artist Nicky Browne at Shot Tower and Crane Park Island. 

    The Hounslow Gunpowder Works opened in the late 1760s in what is now the western end of the park. Crane Park Island was created to provide a mill pond for the water to drive the machinery. There were many explosions and deaths. The Shot Tower is now thought to have been a windmill for recirculating water to power the mills rather than a shot tower for making lead shot. The licence to manufacture gunpowder was withdrawn in 1927, and part of the site was sold to Twickenham Council. It is now managed to encourage wildlife, and Marsh frogs and the scarce water vole breed on the banks of the river.

    The main walkway has trees with interesting bark and there is a spectacular giant horse chestnut, on the opposite side of the Crane to the Tower. Access by the bridge and double-back to your left.

    Free of charge.

    MEET Outside the Shot Tower

    TRAVEL: 111 bus. Use the two gravelled entrances almost opposite the Crematorium in Hounslow/Hanworth Road and walk 5 minutes to the Tower. There is limited parking in surrounding roads.

    FACILITIES The Tower might be open and it has toilets

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